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Rotuma beach
Stunning but very remote, Rotuma is a tiny isolated island that sits some 450 km north of Fiji. The landscape here is very beautiful with some superb beaches and intriguing archaeological sites that are definitely worth seeing if you are up for an adventure. A volcanic island of roughly 30 sq km, Rotuma has been a Fijian province since 1881. However, what makes Rotuma unique from the rest of Fiji is that the culture and people here are more Polynesian than Melanesian. One reason for this is during the 17th century, Tonga invaded Rotuma and this is evident from the Tongan influence on Rotuman dance and culture.

Discovered in 1791, Rotuma was an important port in its heyday, but today, this tiny island is mainly agricultural, with villagers producing copra, growing fruit and fishing. The village life here is very different from the rest of Fiji and you will notice it immediately when you meet the locals. Life is laidback and relaxed out here, with some of the best beaches on the island found along Rotuma’s southern coast. Motusa, Juju, Noatau and Oinafa, are all great beaches.

Villages are spread out all across Rotuma, with the islands interior, hilly and covered with lush forestation. When you are here, don’t forget to visit the Graveyard of the Kings at Sisilo, the stone walls at Tafea Point and the Ki ne he'e platform.

The one thing to keep in mind if you plan on touring Rotuma is there is no tourism development out here, except for a single backpacker lodge that sits in Motusa village. You have will need to bring your own tent and pay for your meals. Also, keep in mind that provisions on this island are very basic.

Getting to Rotuma is quite expensive, with Sun Air offering just one flight here every week on Sundays from Nadi to Rotuma via Suva. It is more than a three-hour flight. The only other way to get here is by cargo boat, which is a two-day sail.

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